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Welcome to the Slovenian Business Portal, your gateway to all the information you need to do business in Slovenia.
It provides easy and convenient access to information about:

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- basic countrydata and economic profile of the country
- comprehensive legal guide for traders and investors
- useful tips for living and doing business in Slovenia
- a survey of business legislation
- list of the main governmental bodies

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- presentation of the main Slovenian companies
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- list of service providers in Slovenia
- best places to eat and stay in Slovenia

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Recent changes to business legislation in Slovenia
Updated: January 2015
Decree on Financial Incentives for Foreign Direct Investments - Uredba o finančnih spodbudah za tuje neposredne investicije (Ur.l. 62/14)
Act Amending the Personal Income Tax Act - Zakon o spremembah Zakona o dohodnini - ZDoh-2N (Ur.l. 50/14
Act Amending the Corporate Income Tax Act - Zakon o spremembah Zakona o davku od dohodkov pravnih oseb - ZDDPO-2K (Ur.l. 50/14)
Act Amending the Implementation of the Republic of Slovenia Budget for 2014 and 2015 Act - Zakon o spremembah in dopolnitvah Zakona o izvrševanju proračunov Republike Slovenije za leti 2014 in 2015 - ZIPRS1415-A (Ur. l 38/14)
Slovenian Sovereign Holding Act - Zakon o Slovenskem državnem holdingu ZSDH-1 (Ur.l. RS 25/14)
Financial administration act – Zakon o finančni upravi – ZFU (Ur. l. RS 25/14)
Takeovers Act - Zakon o prevzemih - ZPre-1 (Ur.l. RS 67/07-ZTFI, 1/08, 68/08, 35/11, 55/11, 105/11, 10/12, 38/12, 56/13, 63/13– ZS-K, 25/14)
Decree on entry of companies and other legal entities in the court register - Uredba o vpisu družb in drugih pravnih oseb v sodni register (Ur.l. RS 43/07, 5/10, 25/14)
Public Procurement Act - Zakon o javnem naročanju - ZJN-2 (Ur.l. RS 12/13*, 19/14)
Public Procurement in Water Management, Energy Transport and Postal Services Area Act - Zakon o javnem naročanju na vodnem, energetskem, transportnem področju in področju poštnih storitev - ZJNVETPS (Ur.l. RS 72/11*, 43/12, 90/12, 19/14)
Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act - Zakon o preprečevanju pranja denarja in financiranja terorizma - ZPPDFT (Ur.l. RS 60/07, 19/10, 77/11, 108/12-ZIS-E, 19/14)
Decree defining the contents for the notification form for the concentration of undertakings - Uredba o vsebini obrazca za priglasitev koncentracije podjetij (Ur.l. RS 36/09, 3/14)
Aliens Act -Zakon o tujcih - ZTuj-2 (Ur.l. 50/11, 57/11 corr., 26/14)
Personal Income Tax Act  - Zakon o dohodnini - ZDoh-2 (13/11*, 9/12, 24/12, 30/12, 40/12-ZUJF, 75/12, 94/12, 96/13, 29/14)
Prevention of Restriction of Competition Act  - Zakon o preprečevanju omejevanja konkurence - ZPOmK-1 (Ur.l. 36/08, 40/09, 26/11, 87/11, 57/12, 39/13, 63/13– ZS-K, 33/14)

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